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On the Importance of Selecting Your Method, Not Just Your Niche

Many, many marketing courses share the same first assignment:  choose your niche.  This is first and foremost, say the teachers, because “if you don’t love your niche, you won’t stick with it.”  They correctly say that marketing (serious marketing, anyway) is hard work.  It can get to be a grind.  And, they say, you’ve got to enjoy the topics you write about or make videos about or post images about, etc., etc., to keep enjoying the work.  Here’s why I think there’s more to it…


If your best innate talent is writing, for example, lots of other online activities can feel like a waste of your time.  That can include the videos and images and posts for your Facebook “friends” that you’re told you can use to get rich.  And if you’re an introvert?  The thought of exposing yourself to YouTube viewers make your tummy flutter like a million butterflies.  If you’re detail-oriented and love digging into your topic, the lovely and fun images on Pinterest may look to you like a superficial mega-collage–pretty, perhaps, but without the facts you’re after.  If you have a need for speed when it comes to traffic, then waiting for all those “free traffic sources” to bear fruit may feel like to you watching paint dry.  Even if you adore your topic, such conflicts between activity and personality will make marketing a heckuva lot less fun than it can be.


So choose the way that you’re going to market before getting hung up on niche selection.  If you find the method you love, then you can indulge yourself across a huge variety of topics–some you love and some you don’t.  Do you love dogs?  Me too.  So market to dog people on your platform and modality of choice.  But don’t stop there!  Is there money to be made in the cat niche?  Then use your talents to serve that market.  Are you aware of the riches to be made in the weight-loss market, even though you come from a family of lean machines?  Then help that market, again using your favorite platform and method.


With this approach, you find your enjoyment in “topics of financial opportunity” because you enjoy the way that you’re marketing.  If you fear not having the content you need to approach the market, fear not.  You can interview the people who do know about, or you can outsource the content.  Then ENJOY using the content you’ve acquired to serve your “market of opportunity” using the methods and platforms that come naturally to you.


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