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On the Importance of Selecting Your Method, Not Just Your Niche

Many, many marketing courses share the same first assignment:  choose your niche.  This is first and foremost, say the teachers, because “if you don’t love your niche, you won’t stick with it.”  They correctly say that marketing (serious marketing, anyway) is hard work.  It can get to be a grind.  And, they say, you’ve got […]

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The Perils of Information Overload and One Great Solution

  Information is everywhere. Louis Freeh once said that, “Collecting intelligence information is like drinking water out of a fire hydrant.” While you’re may not be gathering intelligence information (as a marketer, you surely will at some point), that’s what information overload is like: drinking water from a fire hydrant. Much of it will spill […]

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How to Optimize Your Website on Google to Improve Search Engine Optimization

It is important to note that Google holds over 70 percent of the search engine market share as compared to other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. A greater percentage of internet users use Google as their primary search engine option. As a matter of fact, the terms search engine is used interchangeably with Google. […]

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Digital Marketing 101

Creating a #digital #marketing strategy, to take your brand to a point where it is widely recognizable, valued and meet desired needs, requires proper research work and understanding.

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